We Are

6D Global is an expert team of digital visionaries, award-winning creatives, strategists and marketers. We’re not your traditional digital agency. Our offices are filled with out of the box thinkers: master digital architects, world-renowned designers, expert strategists, analysts, developers and builders who came to our company because they want to do things differently. 6D is where the best come to challenge themselves: to innovate, to experiment, to surround themselves with the very ideas that are changing the future of the digital ecosystem. It’s important for us to stay small. It keeps us nimble, and able to pivot quickly. It allows us to become a part of your team, someone who speaks your language. And because 6D Global is largely comprised of senior strategists, that means we can work faster, smarter and deliver results to you for less money than other shops.


Tony Myers
Media Strategist
Alvaro Wong
Latin America Expansion Chair
Beth Baumberger
Senior Design Director
Erik Johnsen
Principal Consultant & Team Lead FED
Sarah Fawcett
Design Director
Vish Jain
Director Global IT
new york
Stephen Pfaff
Director Consulting Delivery
Keri Kidd